Dhafir Healthcare Services is a licensed healthcare solutions company based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Billing and Revenue Cycle Management System spends up time between service provision and payment collection through capturing all patients service activity ensuring that none is left out, thereby increasing cash flow and revenue collection of the institution.

The automated system is designed for open customization so as to respond to future changes in business and service delivery models of hospitals.

The Billing and Revenue Cycle Management System includes the following Modules:

Integration – Automatically receives and processes real-time incoming patient and service data from source systems and can send updates back to the original systems.
Billing – Automatically calculates the charges based on the healthcare facility’s billing policies and generates invoices for patient treatments.
Accounts Receivable - Automatic or manual receipting of payments from debtors with allocation of each payment to the relevant invoice.
Electronic Claims – Automatically generates electronic claims to the relevant health agencies, submits the claims and accepts payments electronically, speeding up the billing cycle from weeks or months to days and greatly improving cash flow.